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It’s not easy to stop smoking.   You’ve tried everything to quit – patches, gum, prescription drugs, and going cold turkey – nothing works. Sure, maybe the first days or  weeks go pretty well, but you can’t seem to overcome those moments when you really want a cigarette.

You want to quit smoking because you feel bad, you smell bad, you are generally lethargic and exhausted from the constant strain on your body.  No matter what your reason, using hypnosis for smoking cessation is a safe, natural and effective way to stop smoking and enjoy better health.

The difference between hypnosis and other quit smoking programs is that hypnosis creates permanent changes in your mind leading to and permanent results.

People generally smoke for two reasons: nicotine addiction and/or habit.  No matter what type of smoker you are, together we will dig deep to get to the root of the negative thought patterns and habits and we will engage your mind in order to remove those old associations and replace them with powerful, positive images and thoughts. Quitting smoking becomes natural, you won’t feel deprived 

Every client is different in their reasons to quit smoking. I work with clients one on one or in semi-private settings and personalize each session based on your needs goals and motivations. 

You CAN quit smoking today!


Quit smoking hypnosis